Darby Road HOME sponsors the Boston Design Home

Turner Hill Residences, Ipswich, MA


Darby Road HOME was honored to be a part of the 2015 Boston Design Home.  DRH began working with Boston Magazine in Winter 2015, when it was just an idea for us to join this amazing project and over the year, it evolved into an amazing and cohesive design scheme throughout the entire home with each sponsor playing a pivotal role.


All of the Design Home proceeds benefit the Boston Children's Hospital each year.  Through our sponsorship of the 2015 Design Home, DRH was responsible for the interior design of the dining room and the study.  design_home_floorplan-01

Below you can see final images of the design home.  While some of our pieces sold thru the tours in Fall 2015, we do still have a few at our showroom now that each sponsor has moved out.  #bosdesignhome #bosmagevents #darbyroadhome


  • Welcome to our #BosDesignHome gallery!

  • All proceeds benefit the Boston Children's Hospital.

  • These are the layouts of the two storey show house at the Turner Hill Estates in Ipswich, MA.  DRH designed the dining room on the first floor and the study on the second floor.

  • This is the Turner Hill Mansion that is now the golf club in the private community.

  • Hard hats required.  In early May, Michelle (owner, DRH) and myself (Cole, marketing + graphics coordinator) visited the show house to keep up with the progress being made.  Still in construction, but it was coming together beautifully.

  • Dining room still under construction in early May, 2015.

  • Study still under construction in early May, 2015.  Is that the bathroom vanity I see in there?

  • DRH happily taking residence in the 2015 Boston Design Home.

  • Dining room display cabinet.

  • Dining room area rug, table leg, and chair.

  • Accent wall treatment close-up.

  • DRH custom upholstered arm chair and lumbar pillow in the study.

  • Glass display cabinet in the study.

  • The accent wall, fine art and a few accessories in the study.

  • This is the DRH design board we put together that includes pieces used in both the dining room and the study.

  • DRH in Boston Home Magazine, Summer 2015.   #BosHomeMag #BosDesignHome #BosMagEvents

  • BostonHome_fall.jpg

    DRH in Boston Home Magazine, Fall 2015.  #BosHomeMag #BosDesignHome #BosMagEvents

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